The 80/20 Principle: How to Measure Alkaline vs Acid in Your Diet

May 14, 2013 Angela Tips

Many people can be confused as to measuring the correct in take of alkaline based foods versus acid based foods with the general rule of thumb being that the proportion should be 70% to 80% alkaline based and the remaining being how you feel. For example volume and mass of spinach versus that of meat is hugely different.

The trick to success is not to over complicate things and to spend too much time worrying if the proportions are to exact measurement or to be concerned about measuring fat, calories, carbohydrates and anything else.

Simply learn to get into the habit of looking at your plate and know which foods are alkaline or acid based and to what proportion.

Try to go for foods which are alkaline based as priority and when looking at your plate serve up more of the good stuff being around three quarters on the plate versus the acid based ones.

For example a smaller serving of wholemeal pasta or brown rice on the side of the dish with a good portion of vegetables. If you have a little more then try up the amount of alakaline with a great salad to accompany the dish in order to increase the relative amount of alkaline.

The secret to success is not to fall into the trap of making things difficult but to enjoy what you eat and at the same time opting to have a large variety of alkaline foods which take priority.

In no time you will feel amazing results, physically and mentally which in turn will motivate you to really favor and enjoy alkaline foods.

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