Starting Your Alkaline Diet Plan

May 15, 2013 Angela Tips

For thousands of years men and women 😉 have only eaten natural whole foods, seeds, nuts, vegetables and roots with some meat and fish from hunting and gathering. By default our diet from the beginning was highly alkaline based and it is therefore reasonable to assume that by default this is the most natural of diets for human beings.

It is as if nature intended it this way, providing us with a kitchen and a pharmacy which ensured that our diet was balanced with acid intake from meat, beans and other high protein with much more alkaline foods given the abundance and ease to gather. The 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods is therefore no accident it is truly how it was from the stone age up until we entered the industrial age.

Since then most society has strayed away and unfortunately our diet is now based on mass consumption and packaging with artificial preservatives and flavors. Many argue that this is the reason for the increase in many illnesses from cancer, diabetes, bone loss, weight gain, muscle weakness, acid reflux, heart burn, poor digestion, kidney stones, skin problems and … well the list is really endless… Suffice to say that we hope that you get the point here.

With our ancestors in mind it is easy to follow the alkaline diet plan. Simply focus your intake of foods with 80% alkaline and the remaining which is up to you. The more alkaline of course the better!

First step make an effort to learn what foods reside in the alkaline to acid chart. Check out the essential alkaline food chart which will get you on your way…

The 80/20 principle works amazing well! Just get into the habit of using your eyes as to what food goes onto your plate. For the quick start adopt the following points:

  • Eat lots of greens: such as vegetables and fresh salad leaves. Add it as a side to every dish you eat!
  • Drinking: Aim to drink between 3-4 liters of clean alkaline water (which is best) every day. This alone will give you a huge benefits alone!
  • Exercise: We do not advocate that you join the gym and go crazy or anything. Try to aim for about 30 mins a day of out door walking and also being a little more active like opting to use the stairs versus the elevator!
  • Added boost: You can also supplement your diet with omega oils such as cod liver oil and also with pH drops, alkaline minerals and of course some green drinks such as veggie smoothies.

Also try to minimize your intake of tea, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, dairy, meats and of course alcohol. Not to the extent that it feels painful and that you are missing out, just a concerted effort to reduce a little here and there so that you can begin riding a wave. With that small wave you will begin to feel the full force and benefits with transitioning into the alkaline diet and the wave will continue to get bigger!

With that many succeed with small successes leading to bigger ones and before you know it you have become an expert in the art of the alkaline diet.

Finally we urge you to take a look around, simply look online as to the vast amount of testimonials of people whom are living the alkaline diet. Tony Robbins, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst and Victoria Beckham are just some celebrities whom are strong advocates as well as millions of others like you and me…

Good luck and please let us know how you are getting on, your thoughts and views are truly welcome so that we can all learn and benefit.

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