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Alkaline Thai Green Vegetable Curry

Quick and simple turning a typically acidic hot dish to a soothing alkaline curry 😉 Ingredients: One cup fresh young thai coconut flakes A large helping of broccoli A large helping of courgettes One tablespoon curry paste One cup almonds One cup water One basil leaf One tablespoon cilantro Two tablespoon red bell pepper to […]

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Alkaline Lentil Salad

Simply outstanding and incredibly quick to prepare. A great dish to improvise and improve on with fresh and healthy ingredients which may be sitting and waiting in the fridge 😉 Ingredients: Two cups celery, minced One tablespoon raw sesame tahini Five cups lentil sprouts Three tablespoons Bragg’s Aminos One red pepper, chopped Two green onions […]

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Alkaline Pizza Snack

At first glance pizza may not be the most healthiest recipe but done in the correct way and with the right toppings means you’re not going to miss out on your favorite dish with following the alkaline diet. Ingredients You will need the following for the dough mixture: 2 tablespoons of good quality honey 3/4 […]

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Banana pancakes done the alkaline way

Ingredients You will be surprised as to how really quick and simple this recipe is. You need: One to two bananas Two tablespoons of dried coconut flakes or coconut meal A dash of cinnamon Directions: 1. Using a fork or spoon mash up the banana until it is really smooth. 2. Add the coconut meal […]

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Vegetable Korma done the Alkaline way

Ingredients For the marinade you will need: Approximately two cups of water (480 ml) Three medium size cloves of garlic Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil (120 ml) One teaspoon of sea salt Two to three tablespoons of yellow curry powder One cup of soaked raw almonds (240 ml) One quarter cup (60 […]

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