Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits

May 28, 2013 Angela Water

There are many proponents whom have experienced amazing results with simply changing one major thing in their diets that being Alkaline Water…

Below video highlights many of the alkaline water benefits:

Incredibly that simple change is the type of water consumed.

All one has to do is simply go on-line and observe an abundant source of testimonials from the heart whereby the consumption of alkaline ionized water has had a truly amazing effect.

From boosting energy levels, better mental focus, faster healing and improved sleep to losing weight is some of what many have experienced with pH levels at around 8 to 9.

Incredibly many in the modern world are chronically dehydrated with Americans at a whopping 75%.

In fact dehydration leads to many problems with an endless list from pains, aches, fatigue, headaches, allergies and even arthritis and diabetes.

Something so simple yet so dramatic is definitely worth pursuing, that is if you value your health and well-being as am I sure we all do.

Further let’s consider what is in our tap water. Depending on where you live there maybe fluorides, chlorine as well as unregulated pharmaceutical and industrial contaminates combined in creating cocktail for disaster when it comes to your long term health.

So what to do?

There are various options available depending on budget and level of your commitment.

For those whom live close to nature such as a mountain spring can enjoy an abundant source of ionized alkaline water for free.

For the rest of us the best option really comes down to buying a water ionizer noting bottled water does not keep well given mineral hydrates such as calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide in alkaline water only keeps around for a week. That is why you will not really find bottled alkaline water in the shops.

The cost for a water ionizer are very reasonable these days with the equivalent of buying a months’ worth of bottled water which many of us indeed do buy from the super market as part of the weekly shop.

Even better the water ionizer will save money in the long run when compared to bottle water as it makes use of your kitchen sink.

If you’re not convinced so far, perhaps you will be from the taste of alkaline water which is slightly sweet and feels great with it being smoother and without you feeling water logged and bloated when after drinking.

Check out the following in order to get started today for your very own ionized alkaline water:

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