Essential Must Know For Alkaline Water Ionizers

May 29, 2013 Angela Water

So you have taken a leap of faith and decided to adopt the alkaline diet and know investigating alkaline water ionizer’s…

As you begin to read more about it you soon discover that they maybe a little more to it than meets the eye. From learning which foods fall onto the alkaline scale and getting into the habit of adopting the 80-20 principle which indeed takes a bit of practice, dedication and self belief.

Surprisingly it can get a bit more harder when it comes to that all important H2O which of course is one of the essential ingredients to life.

With the alkaline diet there can be some confusion… Here are some typical questions which might be running through your mind:

  • Should you put pH drops into tap water?
  • Are water ionizers different to water distillers?
  • What about bottled water?
  • Why bother to use a alkaline water ionizer in the first place?

Okay that’s take it from the top and provide you with the quick and essential guide to what you need to know about alkaline water ionizer.

The first question almost everybody asks is why!

There are a lot of authority websites, health resources and so forth which strongly advocate the use of an alkaline water ionizer.

The fact is that there are millions out there that have experienced amazing health and vitality benefits with addressing dehyrdation, ill health, fatigue and your overrall well being.

In fact the primary benefit of ionized alkaline water is that it helps resolve dehydration quickly and efficiently over distilled water and combats body acidification, cell oxidation otherwise known as free radicals which does much harm to the body.

The next question is how does it all work?

The principle behind the technology is to filter the water from the tap into the device in order to remove all impurities in the water.

Tap water has many from chlorine, fluoride as well as industrial and chemical contaminates all of which causes unprecedented long term damage.

After the filtering the water next comes electrolysis which passes water over negative and positive electrodes. This splits the water into two that being acidic and alkaline. The acidic water is then removed from the device leaving antioxidant alkaline rich water!

If you got this far then chances are that you are now considering taking the step and getting an alkaline water filter.

Here are the things you need to consider:

1) Decide if you want over the counter, under the counter or convertible model. Typically the under the counter models cost more and are more difficult to install as you may need to drill holes but the advantage being that they take less space and are out of plain site.

2) Make sure to do your research on the company, its reputation such as checking online for testimonials and reviews as well as certifications, warranty and return policy.

3) Also make sure to get hold of a pre-filter regardless of which device you choose as this will provide the maximum benefit and optimal drinking water.

Finally getting back to the remaining questions with an alkaline ionized water filter for sure you can now forget about wasting your time with pH drops, distillers, bottled water as the only game in town is the alkaline water ionizer for the best antioxidant rich water.

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