Diet and Gout – What To Do When You Get Too Much Uric Acid And Gout In Your Body

July 28, 2013 Angela Uncategorized

The first step to discovering a solution is to fully understand the problem at hand when it comes to diet and gout issues. Hence lets begin with asking the simple question “What is Gout?”

Did you know that the most common form of arthritis regardless where you are in the world is “Metabolic Arthritis?” Which by the way is also known as Gout.

Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the body which is either produced in abundance through ingestion or is accumulated with the body having problems of getting rid of it.

The production of uric acid is a result of digesting purines which is found in foods such as dried beans, peas, anchovies, liver and beer. The body removes this by-product uric acid by first diluting it in the blood and then through the kidneys where is leaves the body in urine.

When there is too much uric acid in the blood the following things will occur:

When the uric acid begins to crystallize and settle in areas such as the toes, fingers, knees and elbows sharp pains is experienced. The pain is made much worse when the sharp uric acid crystals begin to grow and then start to rip open the cartilage and synovial sacs when they get too big.

Heat and Inflammation then occurs within the affected joints as a result of the body attempting to repair itself. The body begins producing extra white blood cells and sends it to the affected area in order to combat the uric acid formed crystals.

The side effect of the white blood cells attacking the uric acid crystal built up is the unfortunate reddening of the skin which is one of the obvious signs of gout. Without the proper professional medical care over time the situation will become dangerous with the body becoming immobilized together with pain levels in the super extreme category.

Many people therefore will consume medical gout remedies such as prescribed antibiotics noting that these also have long term side effects which are preferable to avoid.

There is also a huge market for natural cures for gout which includes things such as alkaline water or other natural drinks which does much to soothe and aid but does not actually cures it.

In fact the best long term cure for gout which tackles the root problem is to adopt the alkaline diet which many also re-label as a diet specifically for gout.

As an added bonus the alkaline diet will most likely result in excess weight being shed and with many other overall health benefits such as lower cholesterol, better sleep, more energy to say the least 😉

The alkaline diet works by simply removing the intake of purines and other acid forming foods and works to balance the natural pH in the body with reduction of acid and prevention of purine ingestion which leads to excessive uric acid in the body.

One can therefore regard diet and gout as symbiotic going hand in hand together when it comes to curing it for good!

There is no magic pill when it comes to curing gout and hence finding a solution that works is unique to each and everyone of us. However suffering from gout is a result of your body reacting to certain circumstances and hence by making changes to what is consumed by the body is where to begin in curing gout with adopting the alkaline diet as the means to do so.

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