Banana pancakes done the alkaline way

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Alkaline banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes done the alkaline way

You will be surprised as to how really quick and simple this recipe is. You need:
One to two bananas
Two tablespoons of dried coconut flakes or coconut meal
A dash of cinnamon


1. Using a fork or spoon mash up the banana until it is really smooth.

2. Add the coconut meal or flakes and some cinnamon for an added kick into the mixture making sure that it is well stirred.

3. Now take a hand full of the dough and using your hands roll into a ball and flatten into a small pancake.

4. Here is the best bit… Simply leave the pancake mixture to dry outside ideally in the sunlight for about an hour on each side. Alternatively you can use a dehydrator oven.

5. Plate up the pancakes with some added sliced banana on the side and serve. Bon appetite 😉

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